About Peregrine

PEREGRINE is an international business company registered in the British Virgin Islands. Its principal office location is currently at Suite #7WA G024, Dubai Airport Freezone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates due to the high level of activity in the Middle East. Peregrine's capability includes project development; program and project management; design; engineering; construction and project management; operations; maintenance and logistics; facility management; consulting and contract management.


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Corporate Overview


"A knowledge management company chartered to assist, facilitate and augment our clients and partner companies in developing  opportunities and conducting business in  transitional  and emergent  economies around the world."




To perfect the art of knowledge management and  translate it to discrete and indispensable packets of information accelerating effective strategic business planning and more profitable  project execution.




Provide unprecedented, accurate and timely knowledge,  information and services to all clients.




Like the ancient and noble art of falconry, through perseverance and  determination Peregrine will maintain its reputation based on honesty, integrity and mutual respect in all  endeavors in support of all clients.



“Thousands of companies from around the world are looking for opportunities in transitional and emerging economies and wondering how  to go about identifying areas where they can contribute. These same companies  often lack the specialized knowledge, understanding, experience, networks, contacts and relationships to be successful. Our job is to provide them with the right answers to the right questions at the right time based on our unique knowledge and experience in these markets.”


President & CEO
Peregrine Development International


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