Advisory Services and Specialized Assistance

With the advent of the internet and social media, a company’s traditional marketplace has expanded well beyond their own home turf. No longer are companies restricted to their own local and regional markets. They now are venturing outside of their comfort zones into a new and exciting global marketplace. This is a natural progression for many companies who have traditionally only operated in mature markets and economies as a way to increase revenue by expanding production, distribution or sales of their products or services. Unfortunately, the business climate in new emerging and transitional countries varies widely and often full of risks. Peregrine has learned these lessons and can help others who are looking to expand their operations, to include specialized advisory services in the following areas:



How to Enter in New and Emerging Markets



Peregrine has developed specialized knowledge and has acquired experience across a broad market base in emerging countries with a strong general knowledge of the sector in general but with complimentary localized knowledge focused in the following areas:


  • Energy, Oil and Gas – this is one of the largest market segments in transitional and emergent economies

  • Electricity and power – the pacing element in most countries today is keeping up with the word’s insatiable demand for energy, especially as population centers, manufacturing and tourism expand in emerging markets

  • Most emerging countries have recognized the need to build civil infrastructure, from roads to airports and utilities such as water, power and sanitation to service the country’s growth

  • Commercial facilities and structures to service ever expanding retail, tourism, manufacturing and ancillary establishments as economies continue to mature and improve

  • Low cost residential - the world has a low cost housing shortage. Peregrine has a created a unique capability to mass produce low cost housing and supporting civic facilities to include schools and health care facilities

  • Social – from health care to education, from agriculture to social services



Assistance in Marketing and Business Development



Peregrine has created one stop shop for effective and creative marketing designed to reach target markets by focusing on an integrated approach beginning with relationship management to positioning, assessing markets and developing a strategy that will differentiate the products or services. Peregrine has a proven track record in emerging markets and transitional economies from Iraq in the middle east to the Philippines in Southeast Asia and across a broad range of support services, including:


  • Marketing analysis and market intelligence
  • Strategic planning
  • Opportunity identification
  • Marketing, networking and relationships
  • Business Development
  • Proposal preparation and Red Team service
  • Regional opportunities
  • Knowledge of emerging markets and new opportunities
  • Identification and evaluation of new partners and alliances
  • Understanding how to set up and operate throughout the region
  • Expansion of networks and contacts




Help With Understanding U.S. Government, Defense and Special Programs



The Peregrine executive team and senior leadership served in the Department of Defense in senior executive acquisition and contracting positions, and in all branches of Service making them uniquely qualified to advise and provide assistance to companies desiring to pursue government contracts in emerging countries. The experience base ranges from supporting major weapon system acquisitions to military construction programs in all phases of acquisition management from requirements identification to pre award and post award management enabling Peregrine to assist in the following areas:


  • U.S. Government Acquisition, Contracting & Procurement
  • Contract Management and Administration-Compliance, FAR/DFAR, claims
  • U.S. Government Agencies – DOD, DCMA, DCAA, USAID, State, Commerce, Energy
  • Program management and major project management
  • Operations, maintenance and logistics
  • World wide contingency, disaster and emergency response




How to Mobilize in Emerging Markets



Peregrine has worked extensively overseas in emerging markets and transitional economies from South American to the Middle East and from Africa to Central and Southeast Asia. Peregrine has accumulated many lessons learned from pre deployment planning to mobilization and start-up operations. This typically requires extensive dialog with local officials to assess local requirements, a clear understanding of transportation and logistics considerations, licensing, banking, labor and security arrangements, to include:


  • How to establish and open offices in foreign lands
  • What licenses and registrations are required
  • Must you have local agents or sponsors
  • Logistic arrangements from transportation to housing and movement of materials
  • Financing, banking and alternate sources of funding
  • Risk assessments and mitigation
  • Understanding contracting offices and soliciting entities
  • Liaison with local Governments and potential partners and sources of supply




Help with Assessing Risk and Management of Those Risks



Coincident with mobilizing and starting up new-business operations in emerging and transitional markets and countries is assessment of the risks and risk management. A thorough understanding of geo-political risks is essential, as well as physical security concerns and movement of personnel and materials. These issues should be addressed prior to pursuing new work and opportunities and includes assessing potential partners and sources of supply and the general business climate for investors and operators and should include the following considerations:


  • Business, operations, logistics and management risk
  • Ability to move and transfer funds electronically vs handling cash
  • Identification of alternatives
  • General understanding and evaluation of current security risks
  • Physical security during movement of people and material
  • Security risks at work sites and worker camps
  • Need for armored vehicles vs general sedans and trucks
  • Personal Protection equipment
  • Sources of food, water, power and communication
  • Adequacy of local security firms




Assistance with Logistics and Supply Management



Logistics planning and supply management is a major factor when working in transitional countries, to include all aspects of the movement and protection of people and material. Understanding the entire supply pipeline from the source to delivery to the end-user is paramount and must address adequacy of sources of supply - local vs international, the availability and cost of the modes of land, air and sea transport, order and shipment times, the risks of storing and protection against theft, fire or national calamity, and movement of assets in and around the work site and the availability of materials handling equipment. Such planning must include:


  • Identification of vendors and sources of supplies
  • Availability of materials and the corresponding order and shipping times
  • Availability and quality of local labor vs need for expat workforce
  • Identification and evaluation of potential local partners
  • Where to establish offices, work sites and accommodation of work force
  • How to move about in difficult foreign locations under adverse conditions
  • Care and feeding of work forces and operation of man-camps
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Work site and man camp security
  • Alternative sources of power, water and availability of foodstuffs
  • Points of entry for importing materials and impact of duty assessments
  • Interface with host country requirements for registering, licensing and clearing customs
  • What modes of transportation are available




Assisting Foreign Companies Looking to Expand into New Markets in the West



Often western companies look to do business in new emerging markets and need help understanding market conditions and operating parameters. So too, successful foreign companies look to expand their operation into western markets. Peregrine is adept at assisting foreign companies looking to migrate into new markets.


  • Assessment of products and services for suitability/adaptability into western markets
  • Identification of low risk new markets
  • Understanding cost of entry and business operations in target country/market
  • Assistance in developing strategies for foreign companies to sell into the west
  • Understanding western procurement methodologies
  • Understanding mechanics and ability to compete and bid for government work in the west
  • Validation of potential business partners, alliances and sources of supply




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